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If you want me, show me.

Everything has changed.
Who am I kidding, nothing has changed, I mean I'm still a jinx, and still very much single.

Which I must say, isn't all that bad. I mean yeah it sucks at night, it's lonely. But it's nice to be free, not having to report my life back to. Yes, I have Aylin, but, just not the same. Aylin, who by the way, is growing like a weed, gaah! My little baby will be going to school in less than a year now, how crazy is that.

Anyways, that got a wee bit off topic. My life personal life is forever changing, everyday seems like something different is coming up. And Like a small child each day learning something new and everything seems brand new, even the things that they already know and love, it all seems so different, so new. My personal life has become that way. Everyday I experience something new, and change. I have recently (by recently, I mean as of this moment) have decided that everyday starting now I am going to fall in love with something new.

Not nessessaraliy people, because people have a tendency to always leave, hence why I see people as being so expendable. But fall in love with new ideas, new creations, new hobbies, new books, new foods, new things! You as my readers I would love you for to send me your thoughts of new experiences. I am so excited, I am going to start this come October, start a fresh month.

Hello new me.