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Rambling nonsense.

"Darkness must pass. A new day will come. And when the sun shines. It will shine out the clearer." - J.R.R. Tolkien

I truly get jealous when I see people on facebook commented about the amount of school work they have, or things they have going on at school, or even seeing pictures! Makes me wish I was doing school work. And I am hoping soon enough I will be, however, right now I seem to be hitting brick walls every corner I turn.

First I applied to school, that was a task all on its on. Than I need to submit all my transcripts, yet again another task I had to complete that seemed like a mountain, and a wee fortune. However, I completed that task too. So, then I found my self constantly checking my admission status for school, and it was completed, but than suddenly four days ago it turned to "incomplete". Shocked and a little worried that this meant I wasn't accepted. So I emailed the school, to later find out yet again there is another form I need to fill out and send off.

I need to fill out and complete an Admission Profile form, which is pretty much another application, but does remind me off a resume format. I also have to submit documents to help support my profile. Uh yay for more work!

Praying it will all be worth it.

However, I'm back to work.