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Onward to the future.

The future, ah, so scary to think about. Yes, I am technically a grown up. However, it's still pretty scary to think about, not only my future, but, Aylin's also. So many things rush through my mind. Where will I be? What will I be doing? Who will I be with? Will I be happy? So many crazy things.

They all seem pretty minor right now, but sooner than later those daunting things will be a upon before I even know. Literally in a blink of an eye the future will surround me. Sorry, I am getting really deep here, I'm freaking myself out. Okay, maybe I should talk about the near future.

Anyways, near future, hopefully Kayla and I are going to get to go on our road trip. I've never been on one. And with none other than my BESTIE. It will put our friendship to the ultimate test, the deal breaker. If we can spend however many hours in a car with each other, and not kill one and other our friendship is to legit to quit. No matter what it is. She is the type of person we can be in a total fight and I could call her no matter what and she would be there for me. I am the same way with her, when she needs me the most I am there. No questions asked, we put out fight behind us and move forward. More than a friend, she is family. She's our auntie Kay Kay.

I'm still pretty stuck on the future, in so many ways I wish I could just get a tiny glimpse into my future. Just so I have an idea of where things are headed. I know where ever I end up is where I am meant to be, just be nice to know which direction I should head into. Maybe?

Well, I am kind of cutting this short. I have to clean my room up, it is a disaster from painting. I needed a change: it happens.

- A xx